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Tuesdays | 9/12/2017 | 10:00 AM
Sign, Play & Learn at Kid Ventures LIBERTY STATION
Tuesdays | 9/12/2017 | 1:30 PM
Sign, Play & Learn at Kid Ventures 4S Ranch

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Parents often wonder, "What is my baby thinking?" There is a way to find out... teaching your baby some basic signs using American Sign Language will fill the gap. We all know communication to be the foundation of a solid relationship; learning to sign with your baby will build that bond early and provide you a bridge from infancy to childhood. Sign4Baby offers Workshops and Classes designed for hearing babies of hearing parents who want to experience an intimate bond that is created when your baby knows they are once and for all understood.

Learning how to sign is easy, especially with live instruction. Think about this, how did you learn to swim, or ride a bike, or tie your shoes? Someone showed you how to do it. As with any motor skill, live demonstration makes a lasting impression. It is up to parents to feel confident in their ability to teach their babies the signs they need, and Sign4Baby will show you how.

Parenthood is about discovering the world around us again through a child's eyes and using tools we learn along the way to smooth out the rough edges. Let signing with your baby be the sharpest tool in the belt!

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