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Tuesdays | 9/12/2017 | 10:00 AM
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Sign, Play & Learn at Kid Ventures 4S Ranch

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Joann Woolley, instructor and owner of Sign4Baby, learned to sign as an infant. Her mother is deaf and it wasn't until entering Kindergarten that she realized her unique gift. Wanting her own children to be able to communicate with their grandmother, she began teaching them to sign from the day they were born. Soon she realized that all of the media attention on the subject of baby sign language was valid. Her daughter Amberly first signed "milk" at just 4 ½ months and by her first birthday she had a signing vocabulary of 50 words. "I never had to wonder what my baby was thinking, she was constantly telling me what was on her mind and about her experiences through sign language." Kyle, her 10-month old son, first signed at 7 ½ months and loves to sign the word "music" before showing off his dance moves.

Since childhood, Joann has always thought about being a teacher. Husband, Cory, always told her she should do something with her skill in American Sign Language. Now, inspired by her children, Joann shares the joy of signing with parents and caregivers. "I am passionate about the importance of understanding little people, and determined that all parents should know of this tool that is available to them."

Sign4Baby has achieved Sign2MeŽ Presenters' Network Level I Certification, an official acknowledgement of their proficiencies and high professional standards. Click here to learn more about Sign2Me Presenter Certification.

My baby's talking but I don't understand what he/she is saying
If you find a description of yourself anywhere on this list, then baby sign language is the right step for you:
New parents Expectant parents Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles
Attachment Parenting Positive Parenting Busy Parent
Working Parent Stay at Home Parent Breastfeeding Mama
Baby Wearing Parent Nanny/childcare provider Want to raise smart children
Granola Trendsetting mama Need help with positive discipline

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